Hridya’s Story

My Daughter (22 months) was diagnosed with epilepsy. Her milestones were normal till 6 months of age after which she got COVID and later the seizures showed up strongly. Her milestones shows delays in development like delay speech and walking. She had very mild doubtful seizure after an ear infection during her 5th month which was not well recognised.

One month post-COVID, everything was fine, she had a high fever on 7th month with febrile seizures. One week after the fever the seizures grew strong and occured multiple times a day lasting a minute or more. She was taken to a pediatric neurologist, Dr. Muhammed Kunj in Kerala and started anti-epileptic medicines. Her MRI and CT scans were normal. EEG showed variations. Now EEG is normal. Metabolic screening was normal. Genetic testing showed KCNA2 mutations. Parental testing of KCNA2 was done and not detected. Her neurologist doesnt have much information about this mutation.

Several vitamin B variation medicines were given later removed as no improvement was shown.

She developed Absense seizures(5-6 seizures per day) after the age of 1 along with the myoclonus seizures she was having. Seizures persists at times before sleep.

She had taken Leviceratin syrup but later removed since it didnt show much improvement. Now she is taking clonazepam 0.25 one BD, Topaz 50 one BD, Tegrital syp 5ml BD and absenze(ethosuximide) 2.5ml BD.